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Do your employment practises comply with the law? Do you know that the Employment Relations Act 2000 prescribes certain things which every individual employment agreement must include? – Employee protection provisions are just one example.

Employment law can be a minefield for the unwary employer. Buchanan Gray can help by carrying out an audit of all of your current practises and procedures to ensure that you are not in breach of your employment law obligations to be a good faith employer.

At Buchanan Gray we can supply employment packages tailored to your reasonable needs and we are also able to provide expert advice and representation – no employment problem is beyond our reach!

Our employment law services include:
  • Templates for employment agreements, rules, policies and procedures
  • Strategic advice and representation
  • Bargaining and negotiation
  • Assisting you to design, introduce and implement a lawful review of your staffing structure (a restructure) and helping  you to identify “affected employees” and to properly and fairly manage a redundancy situation
  • Dealing with performance issues and assisting with disciplinary processes and procedures and helping you to avoid unjustified dismissals and other forms of personal grievance
  • Representation at mediation, at the Employment Relations Authority or in the Employment Court
  • Health and safety issues and advice and representation where an employer is being prosecuted for an alleged breach of current health and safety legislation
Employment relationship problems and personal grievances almost always have an adverse impact on productivity and morale and can be very expensive to deal with. By following sound employment law advice and by adopting fair and proper processes and procedures many employment relationship problems can be avoided or resolved in a timely, cost-effective manner. Remember, rather than having an employment relationship problem investigated by the Employment Relations Authority, prevention is almost always the best solution.  

For professional advice and assistance contact or simply phone us today.

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