Buchanan Gray offers a complete range of quality employment law services to all its clients. Russell Buchanan is a very experienced employment lawyer and he has acted for a large number of employer and employee clients helping them to successfully resolve relationship disputes and grievances. Russell has represented clients at mediation, in the Employment Relations Authority and in the Employment Court.

At Buchanan Gray we have developed an employment package for employers to use when employing new staff. This package can be tailored to match the employer’s reasonable business needs and includes an employment checklist, employee application form, individual employment agreement templates (for permanent full time/part time/fixed term and/or casual employees) work-place rules, policies and procedures. We also assist employers to introduce and implement new policies and procedures in ways that are both legal and appropriate for the employer’s environment.

For more information check out our employer’s page or simply contact Russell Buchanan.

If you are an employee and you have an employment relationship problem or you think you may have a personal grievance or you are involved in an employment dispute we can help you but remember: if you are going to bring a personal grievance there is a strict time limit - you have a period of 90 days in which to bring a personal grievance and time begins to run on the day on which the facts giving rise to the grievance arose. For more information check out our employee’s page or contact Russell straight away.

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