Do I Need A Trust

Do I Need A Trust?

Buchanan Gray have considerable expertise and experience regarding the establishment and administration of trusts. Trusts are useful for a variety of purposes but they are not always necessary. If you think you may need a trust but you are not sure, come and see Annette Gray or Russell Buchanan – they will give you honest, friendly, and professional advice, including a brief overview of what a trust is, how a trust is set up and why.

If you already know that you require a trust then we will prepare one for you tailored to your particular circumstances and requirements. To find out what it will cost to have a trust established for you by Buchanan Gray, check out our fixed fees or simply contact Buchanan Gray for an appointment.

At Buchanan Gray we also provide help and assistance in the proper management and administration of individual trusts. If you would like to utilise this service please let us know. The cost will of course vary depending upon the size of the trust and the extent of the work involved. To find out more about this service and the likely cost, phone us today and ask to speak with Annette or Russell.

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