Court Work / Dispute Resolution

Court work and Dispute Resolution

In addition to dispute resolution work and an extensive range of general legal services, Buchanan Gray are experts in all aspects of family and property law including separation and relationship issues; adoption; care of children and guardianship matters; maintenance and child support; relationship property and property disputes generally; domestic violence; paternity and dissolution of marriage.

At Buchanan Gray we provide our clients with strategic advice and representation in all of the following areas:

  • Adoptions
  • Family and property law
  • Separation and relationship disputes
  • Separation, parenting and relationship property agreements
  • Mediation & arbitration
  • Wills, trusts and estates (including Probates and Letters of Administration, Family Protection and Testamentary Promises)
  • Employment relationship problems, personal grievances and disputes, dismissals and redundancies, performance issues, and health and safety prosecutions
  • Breach of contract, negligence, and all types of civil and commercial claims and disputes
  • Building and construction disputes and leaky building claims
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Debt recovery
  • Insolvency – bankruptcies, liquidations and receiverships
  • Injunctions
  • Insurance disputes
  • Judicial Review
Court cases (litigation) can be complex and expensive, but Buchanan Gray’s expertise and experience often simplifies matters and reduces cost. At Buchanan Gray we support our clients to quickly and effectively resolve disputes.

Our involvement means sound strategic legal advice - in each case we carry out an early assessment and provide our clients with an honest and frank appraisal identifying the real issues and the merits of the case including the strengths and weaknesses involved.

Our 2 partners, Annette Gray and Russell Buchanan each have extensive legal experience helping clients to achieve their goals and resolve legal problems. Not only are Annette and Russell qualified Lawyers (Barristers and Solicitors), they are also qualified and experienced mediators well able to assist in the resolution of most disputes and claims.
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